Friday, December 19, 2008

Our new Up River Camp.
You may have read that yesterday afternoon, we moved our Camp. It was the loud music played by the big family that caused this move. Actually, not the music itself, but the boom-boom-boom background music. Wow! All day long and much of the night this music played.

Our new Up River Camp is located a short distance across the road from our old Camp. We are still next to the little river. This is a free Camp. It is very quiet here. Mostly heard is the sound of the water as the river falls over rocks.
Looking at birds feeding.

Many different kinds of birds are here.

Life along the river.
All day the birds with long hooked beaks hunt the river for food. Chickens and roosters come also to the river to hunt food.

A man and works to make fishing nets. Women come to the river to bathe.
Making nets.

Women bathing.


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