Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 - 67 years ago.

Hooked on the internet.
If you have followed my adventures for awhile, you know that I am hooked on the internet. I love to go online. Make posts. Publish pics. Just the greatest thing for me! In fact, it was upon learning about the new Datastorm system in late 2002, that got me to become a fulltime RVer. Would I be an RVer without Datastorm? Maybe not!

I am hooked on XM-Sirius radio too. This is the satellite radio system that is now a very financially challenged company. XM has huge debt, some of which must be rolled over next February. I'd really miss XM if they went belly up!

2PM - Santa Rosa de Lima.
You may be surprised to learn that we on The Team are re-thinking our departure from the Pueblo of Aticama and our lovely Camp next to the little river. We now know how close Aticama is to the southern limit of Mr. Datastorm's satellite footprint.

With that thinking in mind, we headed north out of the City of Autlán and have found a Camp in the tiny rancho of Santa Rosa de Lima. MsTioga is parked in front of a little kindergarten.
Santa Rosa de Lima Camp.

This area is very desert like. Very dry looking, although the hills are covered with plants. We have climbed to 4,419' elevation and the temperature is quite a bit cooler now. Maybe you should take a look at our Camp in Google Earth using the link below?


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link