Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Walking on the beach.
My morning walk had a purpose. To find a scenic place for MsTioga to make her Camp. I found three access points from the road above to the beach. At the end of the beach there is a small harbor. Many fishing boats there and some sport boats.

Our present Camp looks like the best place to stay around here. Relatively quiet with a beach access point only a few feet away.

Prices out of whack.
People who buy or rent here at Punta Mita near the beach pay out-of-whack prices. In most of Mexico where the Mexicans live, the prices reflect the standard of living. This is true in the Punta Mita Mexican neighborhoods that are a few streets away from the beach. Somehow when these modern condos and hotels are constructed, the people who build them import their own concept of prices. For an example which is only a few minutes walk from our Camp, click [here].

Perspective brings me bright days!
When I first began to be a fulltime RVer, I purposely made some Camps where there was nothing but an empty lot in a nondescript neighborhood. This in order to practice being completely happy in an ordinary place. It seemed to me then, that I should be able to be happy anywhere, not only in gorgeous places.

A few weeks ago when reader Larry made his Camp with me in Aticama, we had a conversation about perspective. My feeling is that if I felt dissatisfied with where I was Camped, all that I had to do was picture myself in a jail. Then with the same imagination, compare that jail to where I am Camped now.

Perspective! What a wonderful thing it is to have it.
The Team in Punta Mita at sundown.


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