Saturday, January 31, 2009

Being afraid.
Yesterday's blog post generated quite a bit of email and controversy. I am quite interested in how I personally deal with fear. And so, I study fear wherever I find it.

In the movie, "Moonstruck", Rose wonders why her husband Cosmo cheats on her. She asks many people for their opinion. Rose comes to the conclusion that men cheat because they fear death. Hmmmmm?

Quote from Moonstruck:
Rose: I just want you to know no matter what you do, you're gonna die, just like everybody else.
Cosmo Castorini: Thank you, Rose.

I love that movie!!!

Fear, or the way that we deal with fear, may change things that we do. Can change the direction of our life! In Februay, 2003, on the very day that I bought MsTioga, I had an appointment with my cancer doctor. My doctor told me that my cancer [Non-Hodgkins lymphoma] was in remission. The doctor had a 5-year plan for me including quarterly tests in Kaiser Hospital.

I had other plans, however. Plans made at my cancer support group while watching my support group members wither and die, their chemotherapy having failed.

I told my doctor, "This very day I am going to buy an RV which I will fix up to be my fulltime home. When it comes time for the first test of your plan, I might be thousands of miles away, perhaps in Montana!"

That is just what happened. And that is why I am typing this blog post to you today!
On the beach at Matanchen, Mexico.


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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hunkered down at the border.
This morning Ms. Viola [laptop] and I were looking at the Datastorm Users Map [link]. People who want to be located online, may use the Datastorm Map to let people know their location.

One thing stands out on the Datastorm map. Tons of RVers are hunkered down at the border! Mostly clustered in southwest USA or in Florida. Why don't these RVers cross the border? Hmmmmm?
South of the border, down Mexico way...

Living fulltime in Mexico.
Since making the above post [Hunkered down at the border], I've received several messages about why RVers are staying out of Mexico. Readers write about danger here and it not being safe for RVers.

I've traveled all over the Country of Mexico. And, I have received warnings by Mexican citizens about dangers in this city or that. I've read US government warnings about Mexico. Even here in the tiny Pueblo of Aticama, where many people do not have locks on their doors, people warn of danger.

I feel safe in Mexico. Never once in the seven years that I have spent time in Mexico, have I ever felt in danger.

It seems to me that there is the FEAR of danger everywhere. If I were afraid of that danger, I would not be living this fabulous life that I do. Fear! What a terrible thing is fear!! When you are afraid, the thing that you are afraid of wins everyday. Even though what you are afraid of never happens.


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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How will Baby Boid do when I am gone?
Baby Boid, my little parakeet, is on my mind lately. You may recall that I am flying to California in March to visit family and friends. Boid will be living with a family in Aticama when I am gone. I've not found that family yet.

Boid is such a great mascot. In the morning he is always soooooo excited to wake up and see what's going on. He flies to the windows to see what may be seen. When I am doing the morning cleaning, Boid knows my routine. He flies ahead of me so that he will not miss anything that I do.

Yesterday evening, when Boid asked me to put him in his cage for the nite, I went to move his cage to my bed. That's where Boid sleeps during the early part of the nite so that he is out of the light while I am cooking dinner, etc. When I returned with his cage, he was already on my bed waiting for me. Wow!
Boid looking outside in the morning.

Diabetes and lab results.
This afternoon I return to Dr. Bustamante's office where he will interpret the results of the lab tests for me. You may remember that the doctor had prescribed a medication for my foot problem. It is called "Mycelvan" which is produced by a Mexican pharmaceutical company. Already I see some improvement in my foot.

The doctor did not believe that I have Type 2 diabetes. This disease was the concern of many of my readers. I'll find out for sure this afternoon.

I do NOT have diabetes!!
The results of my lab tests show that I do NOT have diabetes!! Wow! Man-O-Man! That is such great news for me!!

I have in my records, blood test lab results from 2001 from when I was diagnosed with cancer. I showed these 2001 records to Dr. Bustamantes. Those 2001 tests are pretty close to this present lab test. The doctor told me that I have nothing to be concerned about. I am a healthy guy!

5PM - Back at our Little River Camp in Aticama.
You may imagine how wonderful it is to return to our Camp next to the Little River. Roosters are crowing. Ducks are swimming in the the Little River. It is so very peaceful.

I am going now to bathe in the Little River.
View from MsTioga's door.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping feet clean and dry.
I'm guessing from what the doctor told me, that I don't have diabetes. Have to wait for lab results later today to find out for sure. I do have a foot problem however. Probably caused by running around on the beach with damp feet. Then returning to MsTioga and not cleaning and drying my feet.

Got to be more careful about stuff like this!

Forum Shopping Mall.

MsTioga needed propane. We drove to the only propane station that we know about in the City of Tepic. On the way we passed a Sears Store that is part of a large mall called "The Forum". We have never visited The Forum before, and decided to take a peek.

While wandering around in the Sears Store, we came upon their luggage department. You may recall that my rolling luggage bag was stolen in a burglary during my trip to Israel. Since then all our stuff was carried in two soft bags. A nice rolling luggage bag like the one that we had is what was needed.

We found a perfect bag. Ms. Viola [laptop] fits inside a separate section. So, we bought it!
[Cost: $1,489 pesos ($108US].
Our new luggage for flying.

1PM - Carne asada or Lab results?

I was walking to the laboratory to get my lab test results. But there was a butcher shop on the way to the lab that had a BBQ outside. The BBQ meat smelled soooooo good! I bought two pieces, and returned to MsTioga to eat lunch.

It never occurred to me that the lab would close during the afternoon. By the time that I ate lunch and walked back to the lab, they had closed. They reopen at 4pm. I went to the doctor's office, and they rescheduled me to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon at 2pm.
Carne asada lunch.

3PM - Ford Dealer in Tepic.
MsTioga and The Team are at the Ford dealer because our dash heater will NOT turn off. We are posting from the computer in the service waiting room.

We received an appointment to get the heater control fixed on Friday, February 6th at 8am.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do I have Type 2 diabetes?
After I published a pic of my foot blisters, lots of feedback from readers came in from email and the ShoutBox. Before that feedback, the disease diabetes never crossed my mind.

This morning I did some research on Type 2 diabetes. As a result, I am heading into the City of Tepic to get a doctor to tell me whether I have this problem or not.

9AM - Looking for a doctor.

I went to the pharmacy in WalMart seeking info about a doctor. The pharmacist recommended Dr. Jorge Fuasto Bustamante Martínez, and gave me directions to his office. After stopping and asking about 15 people for further directions, I finally found Dr. Bustamante's office.

The doctor is an internist, and a very nice man. He speaks English better than I speak Spanish! He took a look at my foot, and told me that the blistering is an infection something like athlete's foot. He prescribed medication that will clear it up. He took my blood pressure [130/80]. And my weight [179 lbs].

Dr. Bustamante gave me a lab order for a blood and urine test. In addition to testing for diabetes, he is testing for any prostate gland problems. I will return tomorrow afternoon for the results. Costs:
Doctor $500 pesos [$36US]
Lab: $510 pesos [$37US.

1PM - Afternoon Camped in Tepic.
MsTioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp near Dr. Bustamante's office. After eating lunch, we will look for more tranquil place to Nite Camp.


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Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess who's coming for breakfast?
David the pilot wants to wash his truck in the Little River. So, since we are Camped at the Little River, we invited him for breakfast. Omelets are on the menu!
David eating omelet inside MsTioga.

Jorge bad bit.
About three days ago I was walking barefoot on the beach. I don't know what happened exactly, but something may have bit my foot. Now I have a bunch of blisters on that foot.

I went to a doctor here in Aticama, and she prescribed an anti-biotic and a skin medication. I have no pain from what appears to be an infection.
Bad bit foot!

Flying with Chip!
You may remember that one of the Flyboys is Chip. He owns a 2-place ultra-lite airplane. This afternoon I was helping Chip with his XM Radio. We used Mr. Datastorm to go online and create an XM/Sirius account. Then we refreshed Chip's XM Radio to get in working.

Afterward, Chip invited me to go up for a flight near sundown. Isn't that the greatest thing? Hmmmm?
Chip and his airplane.

Evening Flight!


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday's Fiesta.
There were about 12 people at yesterday evening's fiesta. The food was sooooooo delicious, especially the BBQ fish. Man-O-Man!

After supper, we all returned to where the Flyboys camp. Two guitar players made music. David the pilot played his bongos. And the rest of us shook various kinds of rattles, shakers and things trying to keep the beat!

Sunday at the beach!
In the pic below, Jorge shows off his "buzz-style" haircut as MsTioga and the Sunday beach crowd look on.
Matanchen Beach.

Samuel and family stop to chat.
Just after I took my bath in the Little River, Samuel and his wife drove by and stopped to chat. Their youngest son also drove by with his baby son. All of their family had spent the day on the beach at Matanchen, and saw MsTioga who was also on the beach.

You may remember that Samuel is my neighbor who has offered to keep MsTioga in his yard when I fly to California in March. You may also remember that Alma who owns our favorite grocery in Aticama has also offered to keep MsTioga. Yes! We are very lucky to have so many friends!


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finding a place for MsTioga.
You may recall that last week we told about our flying to California in March to visit with family and friends. So, MsTioga will need a place to stay while we are gone.

Two possible places have been found. One place is in the yard of Samuel, our neighbor. Samuel owns a dump truck and does hauling for a living. We like Samuel and his family a lot, and plan to introduce you to them soon!

The other place is in the yard of Alma the grocer's daughter. You may remember that you were introduced to Alma last week [Link]. We are going to look at this yard this afternoon. Alma has told us that the yard is very big, so this yard may be better for MsTioga than Samuel's which is sort of small.

Flyboys having a fiesta!
Guess what? The flyboys are making a fiesta this evening, and I am invited. You may remember that there are three flyboys with ultra lite aircraft.

I am bringing BBQ chicken to the fiesta. There will be fish, and lots of other stuff to eat! What a good time.
The Flyboys: [L-R] Chip, Oly, David.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

La Reina on the beach.
When MsTioga and The Team first arrived on the beach of Matanchen in December, the sand was clean. Beginning in January, strange plants began to land on the beach, brought in by the tide.

This morning the amount of plants lying at high tide point was HUGE. As MsTioga drove along the beach, she came upon a crew of men and a truck. They are picking up the plants and with the truck, moving them off the beach.

One man seemed to be in charge. Introducing myself, I asked him if the Municipal Government pays to clean the beach. "I pay". I am cleaning the beach in front of my restaurant. The man's name is Pepe, and he owns Pepe's Restaurant on the beach. Pepe told me that the plants are called "Reina" because when they are floating in the Ocean, flowers grow that look like a queen's crown. Reina means queen in Spanish.
Pepe cleans while the crew dumps a load off the beach.

MsTioga Magazine!
Do you know about MsTioga Magazine? Hmmmmm? When we began to publish stories, a place was needed to show readers what we had for them to read. And that's what MsTioga Magazine does. There is a link to MsTioga Magazine on nearly all of our web pages.

Here is a convenient link for you to take a peek.

Computers are interesting people!
For several months I've been trying [off and on] to install the software and drivers for an HP C4280 printer/scanner/copier. This is by far, the very best printer that I've owned. However, the software is a real challenge. The installation jambs up at the 96% place! The printer works, but there is no software to do the tweaking for printing and scanning.

This afternoon as I went to print my airplane ticket [see 2009 Trip Plan], a download request came in from HP. After I approved the request, all of the software and driver installed. Blows me away!

Computers.....go figure?


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