Sunday, January 04, 2009

8AM - Back on the beach!
We are at Matachen, and back on the beach. Matachen is the pueblo just to the north of Aticama. It is a lovely day!

In the pic below you may be able to see the high tide mark which is a few feet behind MsTioga.
A lovely day on the beach.

MsTioga Reports!

Cucaracha War Report: We may be winning this battle with roaches. Although roaches may still be seen wandering, mainly around the kitchen sink, far fewer are visible. And roach corpses are now visible too. Besides the "Termicufin" non-toxic powder, we also are using "Baygon", a wicked green liquid in a spray bottle. A tiny spray of "Baygon" and a roach just dies!

Mr. Breeze Vacuum Report: Late yesterday afternoon we used Mr. Breeze, our vacuum. We had not used Mr. Breeze for a long time, mainly because he uses many amps of electric power. Yesterday we used our little Honda 1KW generator to help power Mr. Breeze.

We are able to sweep up daily. It is underneath things that we find hard to clean without the vacuum. The carpet, especially underneath the two living room chairs is sooooooo clean now!

Little River at dusk.
We are Camped at the Little River, and Little Mavicito took a pic looking at the Pacific Ocean. He wants to share this tranquel view with you!
View from Little River at dusk.


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