Sunday, January 18, 2009

9AM - Messing with the new lights.
Last nite I was up real late online trying to download the software & driver for our HP C4280 printer. There is a bug in the HP software that causes the installation to hang-up. But I kept trying, and that kept me up into the early morning. Being up late discharged Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank more than usual. So, this morning Little Honda generator is on-the-job.

We have found a place to Morning Camp where Little Honda will not disturb our neighbors on a Sunday morning. Meanwhile, there is work to be done with our new clearance lights. They have to be wired up because these light fixtures were designed to be grounded to a metal body. MsTioga is all fiberglass. Also, the base of the light fixture is being painted with the same color as MsTioga.

Little Mavicito was just about to shoot the pic below, when Baby Boid flew into the shot. Boid is such a BIG ham!
Jorge and Boid working on the lights.

1PM - One light installed!
Well, it took quite awhile to paint, wire and install just one of the clearance lights. I was surprised to learn that a bolt that secures the fixture to MsTioga was grounded. Only found out when the clearance light circuit fuse blew out! We have tons of fuses on board MsTioga, so not a problem.
New rear clearance light.


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