Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Accident repairs.
Do you remember a few days ago in Tepic when I bumped MsTioga into a light pole? MsTioga suffered some fiberglass damage. We found a body shop in the Pueblo of Jalcocotán that does fiberglass repairs. This shop is owned by Pepe Fierro.

We made an appointment with Pepe to return this morning to do the work. Jalcocotán is up the mountain about an hour away from Aticama.

9AM - Pepe Fierro's Body Shop.
Pepe Fierro has a home and adjacent body shop in the middle of the Pueblo of Jalcocotán, as you may see using our Google Earth link. MsTioga has made her Camp across the street from Pepe's home.
Rigoberto working the fiberglass.

1PM - Pepe doing the painting.
All of the fiberglass work, priming and plasticote work has been completed. Shop owner Pepe Fierro does the finish painting.
Close up of left side damage.

Pepe spraying primer coat.

Completed left-side repair.

The minor paint damage that you see in the bottom of the aluminum door frame above, I am able to easily touch-up myself. Total cost for the fiberglass repair and painting, $400 pesos [about $30US]. Pretty good, huh?

4PM - Back at Aticama's Little River.
We have returned to our Nite Camp at the Little River. I am going to buy some tomato sauce in order to prepare meatloaf enchiladas for supper tonite!


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