Monday, January 05, 2009

Boid's Missing dot.
Little Baby Boid is forever moulting. Moulting is the replacement of feathers. Boid has the most colorful feathers, and I can only imagine how these colors evolved!

Boid is a Budgie, or Budrigar. His new feathers grow in as straws, with the feathers folded up inside the straw. In a few weeks the straws fracture and out spread the feathers.

Boid has four black dot feathers on his face. Two dot pairs, one pair on each side below his beak. One of those dots is now missing. I have spoken to Boid about this missing dot and he has agreed to grow a new dot quickly!
Boid only has 3 dots.

Fred from Port Orchard, Washington.
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was neighbor Fred, who lives in the State of Washington and has a home near our Camp. Fred is a retired teacher and now a City Councilman of Port Orchard. He is building some duplex homes to sell off the beach of Matachen.
Fred looking at the construction.

Fred's email address:

4PM - Sammy visits Boid.

There is a Mexican family camping off the beach. They are renting space next to a palapa [palm covered structure]. I went over to say "Hi". The family owns a small RV. This is very unusual. Very few families own RVs in Mexico.

During our conversation, Boid came up. Father Sammy and his sons are very interested in Boid, and came over to visit with him.
Sammy and his sons.


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