Friday, January 02, 2009

MsTioga has cucaraches! Roaches! Some bugs were seen in the garbage pail kept under the kitchen sink. But they were not recognized as roaches because they were very small. Yesterday we saw a bigger one, and it is clearly a roach! Yuck!

The first thing that was done was to keep our garbage inside closed plastic bags. That worked great and the roaches do not go into the garbage pail any longer. However, as you may know, roaches will eat almost anything. We have to buy stuff to fight these critters which appear to be reproducing at an alarming rate! Tiny new-born roaches were seen during the nite.

This morning we are headed up the mountain to the City of Tepic in order to buy traps and whatever else we may find to fight the roaches.

When we reached Tepic, I parked in order to use the bathroom. In leaving the parking place, I failed to check the right rear of MsTioga. The rear end swung right catching a light pole which pulled off MsTioga's rear bumper and did some other damage too.

Conveniently, there was a welding shop right across the street. They were able to repair the bumper and re-install in about 1/2 hour. Cost, $20 pesos [$16US].
Removing damaged bumper at welding shop.

Omen of a curse?

An email arrived from Reader Andy of Virginia. Andy suggested that in only two days of the new year we got roaches and had an accident. He wondered if this is an omen that 2009 is cursed! Hmmmmmm?

We on The Team don't believe in curses. Anyway, the accident happened only because I have no real driving talent.


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