Saturday, January 10, 2009

Diving for $dough$.
On our way to our Day Camp on the beach at Matachen, we travel along a dirt road that follows the Ocean. This morning on that road, we saw a bunch of divers looking for sea creatures to sell.

Each one of the tubes that you see in the pic below, has a diver.
Do you see some of the divers?

2,015 Blog Posts!
Blogger keeps track of the number of Blog posts that I publish. This morning is my 2,015th Blog post. My first blog post was on May 14, 2003. There have been 2,069 days since then. So, I have only missed posting 54 days in 5 years, 7 months and 28 days.

Wow! That blows me away!

BTW, today is my 25,978th day on Earth!

Gilbert & Lynn.
Late in the afternoon, an RV made a camp behind MsTioga. We met Gilbert and Lynn from Quebec, Canada. They are going to remain free camped on the beach tonite.

When I told them about Boid, they came inside MsTioga to see him. Of course Boid entertained them doing his friendly things.
Gilbert & Lynn from Canada.


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