Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do I have Type 2 diabetes?
After I published a pic of my foot blisters, lots of feedback from readers came in from email and the ShoutBox. Before that feedback, the disease diabetes never crossed my mind.

This morning I did some research on Type 2 diabetes. As a result, I am heading into the City of Tepic to get a doctor to tell me whether I have this problem or not.

9AM - Looking for a doctor.

I went to the pharmacy in WalMart seeking info about a doctor. The pharmacist recommended Dr. Jorge Fuasto Bustamante Martínez, and gave me directions to his office. After stopping and asking about 15 people for further directions, I finally found Dr. Bustamante's office.

The doctor is an internist, and a very nice man. He speaks English better than I speak Spanish! He took a look at my foot, and told me that the blistering is an infection something like athlete's foot. He prescribed medication that will clear it up. He took my blood pressure [130/80]. And my weight [179 lbs].

Dr. Bustamante gave me a lab order for a blood and urine test. In addition to testing for diabetes, he is testing for any prostate gland problems. I will return tomorrow afternoon for the results. Costs:
Doctor $500 pesos [$36US]
Lab: $510 pesos [$37US.

1PM - Afternoon Camped in Tepic.
MsTioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp near Dr. Bustamante's office. After eating lunch, we will look for more tranquil place to Nite Camp.


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