Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Final Boid Missing Dot Report.
You may recall that during Little Boid's recent molt, he lost one of his dot feathers. There are four dot feathers under Boid's beak, two on each side. In our last Missing Dot Report, we told of the missing dot re-appearing. But, it was only a mere line, as the feather had barely begun to open.

As you may see in the pic below, the formerly missing dot has now almost completely opened. Boid is symmetrical, once again!
The re-appeared dot is on the left, inside.

Bug Roach Report.

We are delighted to let you know that we appear to be winning our battle with the roaches [cucaraches in Mexico]. In our last report we told of purchasing a non-toxic roach powder and a vicious poison green stuff in a spray bottle. However, our major weapon has been removal of food and water.

Instead of throwing our garbage in a waste basket under the kitchen sink, we now store garbage in a plastic grocery bag. The bag is kept closed so the roaches cannot enter.

Each sink now has a plug preventing roaches from going down the drain to drink. We have been drying the sink with a towel, so there is no water there either!

For the past two nites, we have only seen two roaches each nite instead of dozens. These roaches no longer move fast anymore. They just sort of walk around. During the nite several searches are made using a flashlight to find them. When a roach is seen, it is zapped with the poison green stuff!


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