Thursday, January 22, 2009

Final "Roach War" report!
You may recall that several weeks ago, MsTioga was invaded by roaches!! The roaches were first seen in our trash basket that we then kept underneath the kitchen sink. Most of these roaches were black and about 1/4" long. They moved really fast!

At first we did not know that these were roaches. We thought they were some kind of bug that came in with our produce. But then one was seen dead inside Mr. Dometic [fridge]. It had committed suicide by going into the freezer! It was definitely a roach!

We bought some non-toxic powder that kills roaches by messing with their shell [like boric acid]. We also bought some spray stuff that poisons them on contact. Had to be very careful to clean up this spray stuff because of Baby Boid. But the thing that we believe really got the roaches, was to remove all their sources of water.

The kitchen and bathroom sinks were kept always plugged with their stoppers. Also, after using a sink it was dried with a towel. After we began this water-technique to get the roaches, their appearance diminished quickly. And when a roach appeared, it wasn't fast anymore. It just sort of mostly walked around. The few dehydrated roaches that did run, ran very slowly.

Over the past several days, there were only one or two roaches spotted each day. Then, two days ago the last roach was seen. And it was sooooooo BIG! Almost one inch long! This HUGE roach was crawling slowly toward me on the kitchen sink ledge Instinctively I whapped it!

You are not supposed to whap a roach, because if it is pregnant, a bunch of baby roaches might come out running all over the place. After I whapped this huge roach, it died right there on the sink ledge. To make sure it was dead, I sprayed it with the poison stuff.

MsTioga believes that this was the mother roach of this roach clan. And that the mother roach was trying to "get" me. Well, I do not know about that. But since I whapped that mother roach, not one roach has been seen again. That was two days ago.


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