Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finding a place for MsTioga.
You may recall that last week we told about our flying to California in March to visit with family and friends. So, MsTioga will need a place to stay while we are gone.

Two possible places have been found. One place is in the yard of Samuel, our neighbor. Samuel owns a dump truck and does hauling for a living. We like Samuel and his family a lot, and plan to introduce you to them soon!

The other place is in the yard of Alma the grocer's daughter. You may remember that you were introduced to Alma last week [Link]. We are going to look at this yard this afternoon. Alma has told us that the yard is very big, so this yard may be better for MsTioga than Samuel's which is sort of small.

Flyboys having a fiesta!
Guess what? The flyboys are making a fiesta this evening, and I am invited. You may remember that there are three flyboys with ultra lite aircraft.

I am bringing BBQ chicken to the fiesta. There will be fish, and lots of other stuff to eat! What a good time.
The Flyboys: [L-R] Chip, Oly, David.


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