Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying to California in March!
Last nite we made airplane reservations to visit family in California. We will fly from Puerto Vallarta to Oakland, California in the middle of March.

In preparation for this journey, Jorge has decided to reduce his waistline which has grown a bit over the past few months. Our Morning Walk has been increased to 30 minutes, one-way. Jorge is not saying what it was before! Also, only one meal will be eaten each day around noon. All sweets and cookies are gone [Oh God!]. Snacking will be fruits and veggies.

MsTioga asked Jorge if he could hold up to this regimen? Jorge did not reply, and only smiled!
We came so close to the north bay coast at end of Morning Walk.

My favorite hamburger/hot dog stand.

There are three hamburger/hot dog stands in the Pueblo of Aticama. You may recall yesterday's story about my favorite grocery. Well this favorite stand is located right in front of the grocery. Alma the grocery owner is the grandmother of Rosy who owns this stand. It's a family business.

I like Rosy. Like Alma her grandmother, Rosy is very friendly. And tranquil too. Rosy is married and has two kids. When the stand opens around 5pm each day, family members drift over to eat. None of the family pays. I believe that it is a custom here in Mexico for an owner of a restaurant to feed the extended family.

I order a hamburger with three pattys, because the pattys are very thin. Three pattys just about make into a 1/4 pounder. Rosy prepares these pattys. She puts mustard, catchup and salt into the meat. I like to eat my burger at the table next to the stand and talk to Rosy and other people who are eating.
Rosy at her stand.

My triple burger on the grill.


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