Monday, January 19, 2009

Ford dealer in Tepic.
MsTioga has an appointment this morning with the Ford dealer in Tepic. Her heater core is being replaced. The core sprung a leak awhile back and a replacement core was purchased from a Tepic radiator shop.

11PM - Replacing heater core.
A few months ago when MsTioga's heater core was removed, it was a BIG job. The entire heat exchanger box was removed at that time. Later on in our Chilton Ford Manual, we found that the core may be removed without taking out the entire box. Our mechanic was shown the manual which has photos showing how this job is done. As a result, a lot of time was saved installing the new core!

The cost for replacing the heater core was $974 pesos [$71US]. The shop rate Ford Tepic is $370 pesos/hour [$27US]. Wow! Isn't that incredible?
MsTioga in-the-shop at Ford, Tepic.

How is business at Ford, Tepic?
The first time that I visited Ford in the City of Tepic, I was wandering around looking at everything. In the sales department I found a marker board on which the monthly sales records of each sales person are kept.

As you may see in the pic below, the records stopped being updated last August. Why would this be? I was told that sales are terribly slow.
Sales tanked big time in September!

3PM - Boid wild about being back at our Little River Camp!
As I was maneuvering MsTioga into position at our Little River Camp in Aticama, Boid went wild! He flew all over the place! From one window to the other. All the way to the back and then to the front. Tweeting like mad! I asked Boid what he was sooooooo excited about? Boid told me, "I love being in a familiar place!"

Isn't that an amazing thing for a bird to say? Hmmmm?


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