Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Great Cockroach War!
As you may have read in our blog yesterday, MsTioga has roaches. Did you know that cucaraches [roaches] cannot live very long without water? Well, there is very little water available inside MsTioga. We put plugs into MsTioga's drains.

We bought "Termicufin" which is sold in the stores of Tepic and is claimed to kill these dreaded cucaraches.

1PM - Looking for a fiberglass guy.
On the road from Tepic to Aticama, we pass thru the Pueblo of Jalcocotán. A man in Jalcocotán told of Pepe Fierro who does fiberglass repairs.

We are now Camped across the road from Pepe Fierro's taller [shop]. Pepe should be returning soon and then we may learn if he is able to repair MsTioga's fiberglass damage.
Our Camp in Jalcocotán.

2:30PM - Made a repair deal.
We met Pepe Fierro, and made a deal to do MsTioga's fiberglass repairs. The fiberglass material will be purchased in Tepic. MsTioga will return next Tuesday to Jalcocopán and the Taller de Pepe to do the work. I asked Pepe if he needed any money to buy the material, and he declined. Isn't that something?

We are now continuing down the mountain and heading back to Aticama.

3:30PM - Camped next to the Little River.
We have returned to Aticama, and have made our Nite Camp next to the Little River. After I take a nice bath in the Little River, the plan is to vacuum clean MsTioga using Mr. Breeze!

We have not used Mr. Breeze for sooooooo long because we have not had shore power. But today we are going to try and use our vacuum while our Honda generator is running and see what happens. The Honda is 1KW and Mr. Breeze is 1400 watts. So the difference must be made up from Mr. Sunny's battery bank.

We have a story about Mr. Breeze [here].


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