Thursday, January 01, 2009

Location: Playa Matanchen, Aticama, Nayarít, Mexico

Happy New Year - 2009

New Year on the beach.
Last nite we Camped on the beach in the same location as yesterday. We greeted the New Year listening to the waves roll in. Behind MsTioga, guests at the hotel sent rockets into the air. These rockets went off with loud explosions.

This morning Ms. Viola [laptop] and I worked on publishing our January, 2009 Trip Plan. Also, our budget for December, 2008. We did really well with December's budget! $1,382 went into savings!

If you would like to take a peek at our budget report, click [here].

Fiestas on the beach.
It is the first day of 2009, a fiesta day in Mexico. And tons of people have come to celebrate here on the beach in Matachen.
Late afternoon on the beach.

Our neighbor with fish on the BBQ.

I went over to our neighbor, the man in the above pic who is cooking fish. After talking with him about how to BBQ fish, he offered me a whole fish! Isn't that something? That is how it is in Mexico. People here are soooooo friendly and generous.


Nite Camp Location