Thursday, January 29, 2009

How will Baby Boid do when I am gone?
Baby Boid, my little parakeet, is on my mind lately. You may recall that I am flying to California in March to visit family and friends. Boid will be living with a family in Aticama when I am gone. I've not found that family yet.

Boid is such a great mascot. In the morning he is always soooooo excited to wake up and see what's going on. He flies to the windows to see what may be seen. When I am doing the morning cleaning, Boid knows my routine. He flies ahead of me so that he will not miss anything that I do.

Yesterday evening, when Boid asked me to put him in his cage for the nite, I went to move his cage to my bed. That's where Boid sleeps during the early part of the nite so that he is out of the light while I am cooking dinner, etc. When I returned with his cage, he was already on my bed waiting for me. Wow!
Boid looking outside in the morning.

Diabetes and lab results.
This afternoon I return to Dr. Bustamante's office where he will interpret the results of the lab tests for me. You may remember that the doctor had prescribed a medication for my foot problem. It is called "Mycelvan" which is produced by a Mexican pharmaceutical company. Already I see some improvement in my foot.

The doctor did not believe that I have Type 2 diabetes. This disease was the concern of many of my readers. I'll find out for sure this afternoon.

I do NOT have diabetes!!
The results of my lab tests show that I do NOT have diabetes!! Wow! Man-O-Man! That is such great news for me!!

I have in my records, blood test lab results from 2001 from when I was diagnosed with cancer. I showed these 2001 records to Dr. Bustamantes. Those 2001 tests are pretty close to this present lab test. The doctor told me that I have nothing to be concerned about. I am a healthy guy!

5PM - Back at our Little River Camp in Aticama.
You may imagine how wonderful it is to return to our Camp next to the Little River. Roosters are crowing. Ducks are swimming in the the Little River. It is so very peaceful.

I am going now to bathe in the Little River.
View from MsTioga's door.


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