Friday, January 30, 2009

Hunkered down at the border.
This morning Ms. Viola [laptop] and I were looking at the Datastorm Users Map [link]. People who want to be located online, may use the Datastorm Map to let people know their location.

One thing stands out on the Datastorm map. Tons of RVers are hunkered down at the border! Mostly clustered in southwest USA or in Florida. Why don't these RVers cross the border? Hmmmmm?
South of the border, down Mexico way...

Living fulltime in Mexico.
Since making the above post [Hunkered down at the border], I've received several messages about why RVers are staying out of Mexico. Readers write about danger here and it not being safe for RVers.

I've traveled all over the Country of Mexico. And, I have received warnings by Mexican citizens about dangers in this city or that. I've read US government warnings about Mexico. Even here in the tiny Pueblo of Aticama, where many people do not have locks on their doors, people warn of danger.

I feel safe in Mexico. Never once in the seven years that I have spent time in Mexico, have I ever felt in danger.

It seems to me that there is the FEAR of danger everywhere. If I were afraid of that danger, I would not be living this fabulous life that I do. Fear! What a terrible thing is fear!! When you are afraid, the thing that you are afraid of wins everyday. Even though what you are afraid of never happens.


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