Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping feet clean and dry.
I'm guessing from what the doctor told me, that I don't have diabetes. Have to wait for lab results later today to find out for sure. I do have a foot problem however. Probably caused by running around on the beach with damp feet. Then returning to MsTioga and not cleaning and drying my feet.

Got to be more careful about stuff like this!

Forum Shopping Mall.

MsTioga needed propane. We drove to the only propane station that we know about in the City of Tepic. On the way we passed a Sears Store that is part of a large mall called "The Forum". We have never visited The Forum before, and decided to take a peek.

While wandering around in the Sears Store, we came upon their luggage department. You may recall that my rolling luggage bag was stolen in a burglary during my trip to Israel. Since then all our stuff was carried in two soft bags. A nice rolling luggage bag like the one that we had is what was needed.

We found a perfect bag. Ms. Viola [laptop] fits inside a separate section. So, we bought it!
[Cost: $1,489 pesos ($108US].
Our new luggage for flying.

1PM - Carne asada or Lab results?

I was walking to the laboratory to get my lab test results. But there was a butcher shop on the way to the lab that had a BBQ outside. The BBQ meat smelled soooooo good! I bought two pieces, and returned to MsTioga to eat lunch.

It never occurred to me that the lab would close during the afternoon. By the time that I ate lunch and walked back to the lab, they had closed. They reopen at 4pm. I went to the doctor's office, and they rescheduled me to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon at 2pm.
Carne asada lunch.

3PM - Ford Dealer in Tepic.
MsTioga and The Team are at the Ford dealer because our dash heater will NOT turn off. We are posting from the computer in the service waiting room.

We received an appointment to get the heater control fixed on Friday, February 6th at 8am.


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