Friday, January 23, 2009

La Reina on the beach.
When MsTioga and The Team first arrived on the beach of Matanchen in December, the sand was clean. Beginning in January, strange plants began to land on the beach, brought in by the tide.

This morning the amount of plants lying at high tide point was HUGE. As MsTioga drove along the beach, she came upon a crew of men and a truck. They are picking up the plants and with the truck, moving them off the beach.

One man seemed to be in charge. Introducing myself, I asked him if the Municipal Government pays to clean the beach. "I pay". I am cleaning the beach in front of my restaurant. The man's name is Pepe, and he owns Pepe's Restaurant on the beach. Pepe told me that the plants are called "Reina" because when they are floating in the Ocean, flowers grow that look like a queen's crown. Reina means queen in Spanish.
Pepe cleans while the crew dumps a load off the beach.

MsTioga Magazine!
Do you know about MsTioga Magazine? Hmmmmm? When we began to publish stories, a place was needed to show readers what we had for them to read. And that's what MsTioga Magazine does. There is a link to MsTioga Magazine on nearly all of our web pages.

Here is a convenient link for you to take a peek.

Computers are interesting people!
For several months I've been trying [off and on] to install the software and drivers for an HP C4280 printer/scanner/copier. This is by far, the very best printer that I've owned. However, the software is a real challenge. The installation jambs up at the 96% place! The printer works, but there is no software to do the tweaking for printing and scanning.

This afternoon as I went to print my airplane ticket [see 2009 Trip Plan], a download request came in from HP. After I approved the request, all of the software and driver installed. Blows me away!

Computers.....go figure?


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