Thursday, January 08, 2009

MsTioga reports on bugs and dots.
Good morning! Would you like an update on our Roach War and Little Boid's missing dot?

Well, the cucaraches are still here, but we have a hunch that we are winning the battle. We do not see any tiny baby cucaraches anymore. And fewer adults. During the nite we look for them with a flashlight. Then we kill them with a short blast from our Baygon spray bottle. Before Boid wakes up, the Baygon is cleaned up for his safety.

Late yesterday afternoon, Boid's missing dot made its appearance. As you may see in the pic below, the missing dot is only a small black line now. But soon, we expect the dot feather to open up into a beautiful black dot!
Black dot is growing!

Flying the bay!
There are two ultra-lite airplanes here on the beach of Matachen. One is a single place owned by David, who you saw in a pic yesterday making a landing. The other is owned by David's friend Chip, and it is a 2-passenger plane.

It is possible that I might go on a flight in Chip's plane. Maybe!
David and his plane.


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