Thursday, January 15, 2009

My favorite grocery!
There are perhaps a dozen abarrotes [grocery stores] in the Pueblo of Aticama. My favorite grocery is Mendoza's. I am not alone in this preference. Many others who live in Aticama agree!

It is Alma Mendoza, the owner of this grocery that makes the difference. A wonderful women who always wears a smile and has a marvelous personality. Alma has owned this store for decades. Some of Alma's daughters help tend the store's counter. Some of Alma's 50+ grandchildren are usually playing in and around the grocery.

Alma is an old fashioned gal. Although there is an electronic calculator on the counter, Alma writes the price of each item down on paper and adds up in her head. Alma told me that she does not know how the calculator works. Alma's daughters do use the calculator.

Alma keeps a credit notebook for her customers to charge purchases. A customer who wants to pay will ask Alma how much is owed. There is trust here for Alma to keep honest accounts. Trust is a common value here in Mexico.
Alma in her grocery.

Mini Super Mendoza

Caig DeOxit saves our voltage regulator.

Mr. Sunny, our solar electric system, uses a voltage regulator in order to insure that all of our electronic equipment receives 120 volts AC. A few days ago our voltage regulator stopped putting out power. We had another regulator on board. So the bad voltage regulator was replaced.

However, today the replacement regulator stopped operating as well. This got us to check the electrical connections. We discovered that the plug going to the Jazz inverter [see pic below] was not making proper contact. Caig DeOxit was used on the plug, and the regulator worked again!

We sprayed Caig DeOxit on the older regulator, and it now works too! Caig DeOxit is really a miracle product! You may read about Caig [here].
Grey box on the right is voltage regulator.


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