Saturday, January 17, 2009

One meal good, two meals better!
Yesterday you may have read that Jorge decided to eat only one meal a day. He wants to reduce his waistline! In addition to eating less, Jorge is working out with dumb bell weights and walking on the beach for one-hour in the morning.

Well, one meal a day just does not cut it with all of this increased activity. Jorge says, "I need my breakfast!!"
Baby Boid loves the breakfast too!

Heading to the City of Tepic.
Right now we are Camped on the beach at Matachen as you may see by clicking on our map links below. However, later on today we will head up the mountain to the City of Tepic!

On Monday morning we have an appointment at the Ford dealer to install our recently purchased heater core. You may recall that our core sprung a leak a few months back.

We have some chores too! MsTioga has been wanting to get her underside washed from the accumulated beach sand. Also, MsTioga has been searching the web for info about rustproofing. MsTioga has some rusty patches underneath.

6PM - City of Tepic.
We have made a Nite Camp in our favorite spot in Tepic. It is a neighborhood that is very quiet for sleeping.

During the afternoon we bought two side clearance lights for MsTioga. You may remember that Jorge smashed the old clearance lights the last time we were in Tepic.
MsTioga's new clearance lights!


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