Sunday, January 11, 2009

Waiting for the tide.
When MsTioga arrived on the beach at Matachen, the tide was higher than we had seen before. The Ocean had gone over the road where the trucks and cars travel. We parked above the high tide mark, and waited for the tide to recede.
MsTioga waiting patiently for the tide to recede.

2008 Tax stuff is done!

This morning I printed my Quicken 2008 tax info that the tax preparation guy needs to do the tax returns! All that is missing is one 1099 form from Google AdSense. That 1099 is mailed in February.

You may remember that I did not complete the 2007 tax return until September, 2008. I had to get a tax extension because I could not figure out how to print from Quicken. Some kind of weird problem with Microsoft Vista. But now I know how to print from Quicken.

I am sooooooo happy to have that stuff done!


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