Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday's Fiesta.
There were about 12 people at yesterday evening's fiesta. The food was sooooooo delicious, especially the BBQ fish. Man-O-Man!

After supper, we all returned to where the Flyboys camp. Two guitar players made music. David the pilot played his bongos. And the rest of us shook various kinds of rattles, shakers and things trying to keep the beat!

Sunday at the beach!
In the pic below, Jorge shows off his "buzz-style" haircut as MsTioga and the Sunday beach crowd look on.
Matanchen Beach.

Samuel and family stop to chat.
Just after I took my bath in the Little River, Samuel and his wife drove by and stopped to chat. Their youngest son also drove by with his baby son. All of their family had spent the day on the beach at Matanchen, and saw MsTioga who was also on the beach.

You may remember that Samuel is my neighbor who has offered to keep MsTioga in his yard when I fly to California in March. You may also remember that Alma who owns our favorite grocery in Aticama has also offered to keep MsTioga. Yes! We are very lucky to have so many friends!


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