Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11AM - Heading back to the coast.
Well, we've bought everything from anti-freeze/coolant for MsTioga's radiator to a ball of rubber bands for the office. Now we are ready to head back to the coast!
Jorge and The Team with some of their shopping stuff.

3PM - Canadian invasion!
When MsTioga and The Team arrived back to our Beach Camp at Matanchen, we were surprised to find that the Flyboy Camp had been invaded by a bunch of Canadians. Friendly lot! Eh!
MsTioga with the Canadian invasion!

Invited to Ole & Jan's for supper.
This evening I was invited to Ole's RV for supper. Ole's sister Jan made the salad and Ole prepared the mashed potatoes and beef.

I love talking with Ole, because he has such neat stories to share. Many of Ole's stories are contained in books that he has authored! [link]
Ole taking the first bite!


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