Tuesday, February 10, 2009

9AM - High tide touched MsTioga!
About 20 minutes before the pic below was captured, high tide crested at MsTioga's front tires! Because of the high tide, we are Camped at an angle to the beach, instead of straight in.

MsTioga likes this "angle" Camp better, because of the much better views from her windows.
MsTioga at high tide on Matanchen Beach.

4PM - Low tide and the beach is wide.

For much of the day, the sky was very overcast and our Little Honda generator was at work. In the late afternoon, the Sun came out.

The beach is sooooooo wide. Perhaps two 747s would be able to land on the beach, side-by-side!
MsTioga on the beach at low tide.

Motorized parasail takes off at Matanchen.


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