Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The challenge of compromise!
Last year I seriously considered becoming a Worldwide traveler. You may recall me posting about that in this blog. If you look in my profile [see left column] you'll find:
Location: Worldwide traveler: Home base Mexico.

The journey to Israel was to be the first of many Worldwide travels. However, something happened while I was in Jerusalem. I found myself missing my MsTioga home!

There was an abandoned Arab village in Jerusalem, and I went there to explore. I walked down the steep dirt road to get to the village, and found myself wishing that MsTioga were here. I'd be able to Nite Camp at this village. Make lunch and rest. If only MsTioga were here.

Upon coming back to Mexico, where for almost three months MsTioga had waited patiently for me to return, I made the decision to fulltime here in this country. But my plan to be a Worldwide traveler never came to be. I would not make the compromise to live without MsTioga being there for me.

MsTioga is just to perfect to compromise away!
MsTioga looks at her pal, Jorge.

Boid and Burnsie!

Flyboy Steve "Burnsie" Burns of Austin, Texas is heading home tomorrow. We have enjoyed Burnsie soooooo much. Burnsie has flown us around in the skies above Matanchen and Aticama.

This afternoon, Bursie visited inside MsTioga in order to commune with Little Baby Boid.
Boid & Burnsie saying goodbye!

Dear Readers,
I am asking for your help in order to determine if the information in blue text below is correct. Would you please help me by phoning the bank and getting info? I need to know also if donations may be made using PayPal?

Reply to me by email.

Thank you,

Reader OhExpress posted in ShoutBox about Bob Skelding, an RVer who was involved in a terrible accident. You may read about that accident [here].

Comments at the bottom of this news story about Bob Skelding's accident included the following:
  • The Macon Beacon, a local newspaper, has established a fund at the Macon Mississippi Branch of Citizens National Bank for Bob and the surviving horses. The Bob Skelding Wagonteamster Benefit Fund Citizens National Bank P.O. Box 426 Macon, MS 39341 Tel. 662-726-5861 Donations can go directly to that bank or any other Citizens National Bank in Mississippi. The website to view branch locations is If donating by check, please make it payable to "The Bob Skelding Wagonteamster Benefit Fund".


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