Monday, February 09, 2009

Defrosting Mr. Dometic.
Each day the TiogaRV Team tries to do some maintenance. This morning Mr. Dometic's freezer is being defrosted and cleaned. In order to defrost fast, water is boiled in a pot and skillet, then placed inside the freezer. Works great!
Jorge defrosting Mr. Dometic.

Learning Spanish.
Readers have asked what I have done to learn how to speak Spanish. I began living in Mexico part time in 2003. At the beginning I just plunged in and spoke to Mexican people. My grammar was pretty bad. Everything was in the present tense [Example: "I go home tomorrow" instead of "I will go home tomorrow".] But people understood.

My goal is to learn one new word each day. It is hard to do this! Besides speaking the new word, I write it and try to read it too. My vocabulary, even today, is terribly small. In order to increase my vocabulary, I have taken to read Spanish newspapers online.

Reading online is very difficult for me, because of my small vocabulary. But it seems to be working. Anyway, I am a determined guy! Here is a link to my current online paper [link].


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