Thursday, February 26, 2009

Del and Angel in Mexico.
We introduced you to Del and Angel awhile back [link]. This morning Little Mavicito and I went visiting over at their RV in El Chaco Hotel's RV camping area.

Del and Angel have arranged with the hotel to lease a nice sized area at the back of the RV campground. They are constructing a big palapa [or ramada] in this space. Del and Angel plan to live in their ramada fulltime!

In the pic below, Angel stands inside the new construction. Their Class-A RV will park in the rear section and the front part will be the outside living place. Pretty neat, huh?
Angel showing us her ramada construction.

4PM - Invited for supper!
It truly is a wonderful thing to be invited for supper. Makes us feel great! Because we are
"In demand!"

Angel and Del have invited Little Mavicito and I to their RV for supper. We forgot what is on the menu. However, Little Mavicito is anxious to take some pics for you to see!

Note: Jorge forgot to take Little Mavicito out of his pack, so no pics were taken of our food. We had a wonderful supper with shrimp and vegetables. For dessert, MsTioga contributed chocolate ice cream!


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