Thursday, February 19, 2009

Del and Angel.
Canadians Del and Angel are renting beach space from the Chaco Hotel for their fifth wheel RV. Angel's brother and sister-in-law are down visiting. We have gotten to be friends with them over the past couple of months.

Del has been having problems with his internet connection, so I've offered to check out his system's modem. We both use HughesNet for our internet connection.
Del, Angel and family at Mantanchen Beach.

10AM - Jorge to the rescue!
Del was not able to get his computer internet system working. So, armed with a can of Caig DeOxit [link] I returned to his RV. All of the cable connections were squirted with Caig DeOxit. Then the satellite transponder configuration was changed.

Del's computer system is now online! Pretty neat, huh?

1PM - Waterfall hike!
Flyboy David has invited Little Mavicito and I to go on a hike to a local waterfall! Several campers are going with us. Wow!


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