Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Engine coolant low!
Yesterday while in the City of Tepic, MsTioga's engine coolant level was checked and found to be low. We bought a couple of containers of engine coolant and filled MsTioga's radiator to the proper level.

This morning the engine coolant level was found to be low again! Wow!

We have NOT been able to find any leak in the cooling system. But the engine coolant is going somewhere. MsTioga suspects that the problem is with her radiator cap. This cap may be defective, allowing coolant to escape when the engine is hot. We also suspect the engine thermostat which may not be opening enough.

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Readers find MsTioga's leak!

In the ShoutBox today, Readers Reddrum & Rock suggested that our coolant leak might be coming from our recently repaired heater core. Immediately when I read their posts, I knew that they were correct.

I had seen a dark mark on the carpet near the heater, and thought that it was a grease mark. However, when I checked a little while ago, the mark turned out to be a wet spot. In fact, the entire carpet under the heater is wet.

I've disconnected the water lines to the heater and connected them together creating a by-pass.


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