Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to Boid!
This morning we had arrived at the Beach of Matanchen and MsTioga drove over to invite Penny and Mick to pizza this afternoon. As I went out the driver's door, Little Baby Boid flew on my head. Oh, Lord!

During the year that Boid was my friend, he never once even got close to flying outside. He seemed to understand that outside was not for him. He only flew on my head this morning because he liked to do that. And when I went out of MsTioga, Boid became instantly disoriented.

I may have been able to simply re-enter MsTioga. But I was startled and reached up for Boid. He flew away! Up, up into a nearby palm tree Boid flew. I ran after him calling his name.

Then one of the vicious black birds took after Boid. Around the parking lot Boid flew, the black in pursuit. I had no idea that Little Boid could fly sooooooo fast! Boid flew like crazy, easily outdistancing the black. I saw Boid for the last time winging over the Paraiso Escondido Restaurant and across the highway.

I like to think that Little Boid escaped the black, and found a safe place in the fields across the highway. A place with many seeds for him to eat. And only surrounded by friendly happy birds.
Jorge and Boid on a better day.

MsTioga had moved down the beach away from our usual Campsite. We did not want to be in the same place where we had been with Boid. Little did we know that we actually were now only a short distance from where Boid was hiding in a tree!

A lady called out, "Are you looking for a budgie?" We got Boid's cage and followed the lady to her RV. We did not really believe that we would actually find Little Boid. When we came to where the lady who found Boid was watching him, she moved me so that I could see him hiding on a tree branch.

And there he was, sitting on this branch inside of a very green tree. I moved Boid's cage near him, and he hopped right inside. Man-O-Man!
Look who is back with MsTioga!

Boid's friends from British Columbia!

About six hours after Boid flew away from MsTioga, RVer Gloria saw him fly from the direction of the highway and land in a tree. While Gloria kept an eye on Boid in the tree, her friend Sharon went over to MsTioga to tell us about Boid.

Gloria & Sharon are staying in the El Chaco RV campground.
Gloria, Jorge & Sharon standing in front of Boid's tree.

5PM to 8PM - Pizza at Casa Mañana.
Several of us piled into MsTioga and headed over to Casa Mañana for pizza. Casa Mañana has a special brick lined pizza oven built into their dining room wall. Everybody agreed that the pizza was soooooo good!

When we returned to the Flyboys Paraiso Escondido Camp, pilots David and Chip had just arrived from a few days of hoped for hang gliding.

Little Boid update.

Boid has almost returned to his happy former self. Boid told me that he wants to write a story for you to read. Can you imagine that? Hmmmmm?

This is going to be the almost absolutely true story of Boid's escape and return after nearly being lunch for the vicious blackbirds! Wow!


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