Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yesterday Reader OhExpress posted in ShoutBox about Bob Skelding, an RVer who was involved in a terrible accident. You may read about that accident [here].

You may wish to donate to help Bob Skelding:
  • The Macon Beacon, a local newspaper, has established a fund at the Macon Mississippi Branch of Citizens National Bank for Bob and the surviving horses. The Bob Skelding Wagonteamster Benefit Fund Citizens National Bank P.O. Box 426 Macon, MS 39341 Tel. 662-726-5861 Donations can go directly to that bank or any other Citizens National Bank in Mississippi. The website to view branch locations is If donating by check, please make it payable to "The Bob Skelding Wagonteamster Benefit Fund".

Today's news about Bob Skelding.

The latest news about how Bob Skelding is doing is [here].

More about learning Spanish.
A few days ago I wrote a post about preferring to increase my Spanish vocabulary by reading online newspapers written in Spanish. Using Google's "Language Tools" are a fantastic aid!

In order to see what I am doing yourself, go to "El Debate", a Mexican online news source [link]. Copy the URL [address] into your computer's memory. Now go to Google.

When you are on the Google page, to the right of the the box where you enter your search terms, you will find a link titled "Language Tools". Click on this link. Scroll down to the place where you will read, "Translate a web page". Paste the URL in your computer's memory into the window box provided. Change the language options to translate from "Spanish" to "English".

When Google finishes the translation, hold your mouse pointer over some of the translated English text. Google will provide a little window showing this English text in the original Spanish!

Pretty neat, huh?

Virgin of Guadalupe Celebration!
For several days in the center of Aticama, there has been a celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Tonite is the climax of the celebration. Many people are already here. There will be tons more people this evening!

The main event for the celebration is the fireworks loaded Castillo [Castle]. The Castillo is right now being constructed in the plaza across from the church. This should be a great fireworks display with many different fireworks including rockets.

We have moved our Nite Camp from next to the Little River to the other side of town because of the music from El Corcoran [across the highway from our Little River Camp]. In the El Corcoran beach campground, there is setup a huge music playing speaker system, which already is playing very LOUD music. We want to be walking distance to the celebration but away from that noise.
MsTioga and The Team on the other side of Aticama.

11PM - Back at Flyboy's Camp.
After the fireworks, the music being played in the plaza of Aticama was very loud. We on The Team like music, but not so loud to disturb sleeping. So, we have moved to the Flyboy's Camp on the beach of Matanchen.

Oh! How very wonderful it is to be living in a home that has wheels!


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