Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Flyboy interview video!
You may recall that we promised to make a video, interviewing one of the flyboys who are camped just off Matanchen Beach. This morning we made that interview with John "Ole" Olson, who has been flying hang gliders since 1981.

After breakfast we will edit and publish that video and share with you this story.
Flying over our Camp on Matanchen Beach.

Books by John Olson on Amazon.COM: [Link]

5PM - Flying over San Blas.
I went with Ole on a flight over the City of San Blas. It is soooooo beautiful from the air. Of my three ultralite flights, this one was the most comfortable for me.

After the flight, all of the flyboys and I drove to San Blas for supper. There is a fiesta going on. It is called San Blas Day, and there were a zillion people in the town plaza looking at the fireworks display.

I went to an upstairs bar with pilot David and his girlfriend to better see the fireworks. Since I don't care much for alcohol, the bartender made me a cocktails which were mostly fruit and a little vodka. They were good!
A zillion people looking at fireworks!


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