Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flying to Punta Mita for breakfast!
This morning, some of the Flyboys are winging south to Punta Mita to eat breakfast. Wow! Isn't that the greatest thing?
Getting ready to fly to Punta Mita.

Flight map from Matanchen south to Punta Mita.

5PM - Back at our Little River Camp.
As you may know, each afternoon MsTioga and The Team move from our Day Camp on the beach of Matanchen, back to our Little River Camp at the south end of the Pueblo of Aticama. This afternoon on the way back, we had laundry to pick up at the Casa MaƱana Hotel where they provide laundry service.

It is a gorgeous afternoon, perfect for my bath in the Little River. In the pic below, you may see several people here to wash their cars and trucks and to picnic. On the far left of this pano-pic, you may see the Chano family who live across the river from our Camp. The Chano family spends a lot of time chatting as they are doing this afternoon.
Much going on at our Little River Camp.


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