Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2PM - Guess who's late today?
It's me!

This morning I woke up late because I went to sleep late. The "San Blas Day" fiesta and fireworks last nite kept me from bed until passed midnite. I got out of bed past 8am. Very late for me. Little Boid had already gotten out of his cage by crawling past his cage cover.

MsTioga was Nite Camped next to the Flyboy's Camp. So I strolled over to Flyboy Ole's RV to chat. Then I spent about an hour talking with Flyboy Birnsie. Seems as though we have a lot in common. Birnsie loaned me a copy of "The Sun", a magazine filled with interesting stories. Back in MsTioga, I spent about an hour after breakfast reading that magazine.

Then I fell asleep in my favorite chair in MsTioga's living room, and did not wake up for about another hour. After waking, the view out MsTioga's window mesmerized me. That's why I am late Blog posting today!

What a wonderful day it is!
Mesmerizing view.

Would you travel to Mexico in your RV?
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So far, the "No" answers outnumber the "Yes".
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Singing songs of faith.
I remember the first time that I Camped in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia in 2004. We were just across the street from the church. It was warm, so the church windows were open. The church choir sang, and it was beautiful.

This evening in the Pueblo of Aticama, there is a celebration going on just across the Little River from our Camp. Primary school kids have been there since late afternoon. Just a little while ago, the kids began to sing. Little Mavicito captured their song to share with you [link]


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