Saturday, February 21, 2009

John and Jan on the beach.
If you have followed my website for awhile, you may have read my "Personal Therapy Page" [link]. And being familiar with me, you may also know that I love to talk about what happened to me after becoming an RVer and my journey of self-discovery!

So, when I met John & Jan on the Beach of Matanchen, I was delighted to learn that John was also "a bit interested" in this subject as well. Perhaps I am an amateur psychiatrist wannabe? Hmmmm?
Jan, John and Jorge on-the-beach.

5PM - Eating supper at Casa Mañana.
The restaurant at the Casa Mañana Hotel has a pizza oven which they only use to prepare pizza on Saturdays. I asked RVing friends Jan and John if they were interested to go out for supper at Casa Mañana. They both thought that this was a good idea!

John and I ordered pizza, which was very good. Jan enjoyed garlic shrimp!
Casa Mañana pizza!


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