Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaving Boid behind!
Lately I've begun to think about how Little Boid will get along without me while I am in California. The plan is to take a bus to Puerto Vallarta on March 17th and stay overnight. My flight takes off the following day at 7:06am. Boid and I will be separated for 18 days. Although I've not locked down where Boid will stay yet, I have a couple of homes in mind for him. Homes where he will be with other parakeets.

Boid is a very cautious guy. He has never tried to escape from MsTioga. Somehow Boid seems to know that he is better off living in the safety of his RV home.

There are things that Boid does that show me that he is quite vulnerable. For example, he wants to be asleep in his cage with a cover on top near sundown. If Boid is not in his cage when it gets dark, he becomes disoriented and very upset. He might fly into a curtain and grip on to the material, hanging there for hours. This curtain-hanging thing happened again yesterday when I went shopping in Aticama and stayed away longer than expected.
Boid and Jorge.


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