Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning walk to see Francisco's home.
Francisco, his wife Weng and their kids live in a spectacularly different home overlooking the Bay of Matanchen and Pueblo of Aticama. We had met them briefly when they dropped by at the Flyboy's Camp and they invited me to visit their hilltop home!

This morning Little Mavicito and I headed up the hill in order to get some climbing exercise for our Yosemite Falls Trail hike next month. The path to the home begins in the cemetery and continues up a winding dirt road that is pretty steep at times.

On the way up, we met Francisco and his family in their car on the way down to do some morning chores. They invited me to continue, enter their home, drink some water and look around. And they invited me to return during the afternoon when they would be at home.

As is the custom in this part of Mexico, their home has no doors. No locks. It is wide open!
View from the coast road.

Trail thru the cemetery.


The two pics below are glorious views from the patio
Aticama! Do you see MsTioga?

Looking at our Matanchen Beach Camp.

Less stones in the Little River.
Each evening for the past three days when we made our Nite Camp next to the Little River, we see less stones in the water. In fact, the Little River has been greatly changed in that time. The "lake" part of the river has moved upstream about 50 feet.

I walked over to Chano the fishermen's home on the other side of the river and talked to his wife about what is going on. She told me that men have come with a powered shovel and dump trucks, to haul the river bed to a work project in San Blas. We had seen these men just before sundown on the first day of this work. She also said that the river looked bad now, but during the next rainy season more stones and big rocks should wash down the river.

I like the accepting attitude of the people here in Aticama. It does no good to be upset by this change. And, maybe the bigger lake will be nice. I used to sit on big rocks to take my bath. Now I take my little plastic bench and sit on it instead. It does a better job than the rocks!
The now bigger Little River lake.


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