Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mr. Datastorm maintenance day.
Every so often we like to take the covers off of Mr. Datastorm's antenna and take a look-see. Mr. Datastorm sits up in the weather, and lately that weather has been near the Pacific Ocean. Stuff corrodes and rusts easily here.

We lube the friction points with lithium grease, apply Caig DeOxit to the cable ends, check screws for tightness and clean up the grime.
Jorge working on Mr. Datastorm.

Ray from Indiana comes to call.

A fellow RVer began camping at Ruben's Restaurant across from the Flyboy's Camp. His name is Ray, and he wondered if he would be able to connect to Mr. Datastorm, and we said, "Yes!"

So Ray came over this morning to get the wireless pass phrase. Ray comes from Indiana and worked for Pillsbury for many years. Ray and his wife love Mexico and enjoy RVing here.
Ray visiting in MsTioga.

Excited for our trip to Tepic.
This afternoon MsTioga and The Team are heading up the mountain to Tepic. I am soooooo excited to go! It is more than just loving to travel.

On the road up the mountain there are some sections where trees cover the road, like a tunnel or arch. For some reason, when going thru these "tree tunnels" I get such a peaceful pleasant felling inside. I've written to you about this phenomenon before. I think that perhaps it is the way the sunlight streams thru the trees. I am loving that "feeling" driving thru those tunnels so much.

We have an appointment at the Ford dealer in Tepic to make adjustments on MsTioga's dash heater. We are scheduled to be there tomorrow at 8am. No way to get there on time tomorrow morning, so we will spend the nite in Tepic in order to be close to Ford.
A tree tunnel that we love.

6PM - Favorite Nite Camp in Tepic.
After shopping for stuff at WalMart, and buying a #1 Whopper combo at Burger-King, MsTioga and The Team went to our favorite Nite Camp in Tepic. This is our favorite because it is quiet here [very little traffic noise] and it is only a short walk to many of our favorite stores.


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