Friday, February 06, 2009

MsTioga in the shop at Ford dealer in Tepic!
It is very interesting making a blog post using the Ford dealer´s computers. The keyboard is different. For example, the "@" symbol. I cannot use the keyboard for an "@" symbol. What I do is go into Google, search for "email address" and copy the "@" symbol into memory. Then I sign into my Blogger account. The Google sign-in routine needs an email address which requires the "@" symbol. Pretty neat, huh?

You may recall that MsTioga is in the shop to repair her heater control which right now is not connected. The heater is on all the time, making driving somewhat uncomfortable.

10AM - Broken part in heater cable transport.
Carlos Perez is my mechanic. He is an exceptional mechanic! Carlos found that the little door in the heater/air conditioning box was filled with dust, so he cleaned it out. However, the door still did not close tight. Something was loose.

Carlos decided to remove the dash control panel to take a look inside. There he found a broken plastic part which is designed to clamp the cable transport mechanism. Carlos secured the cable bushing to the broken clamp with a plastic tie.
Ford mechanic, Carlos Perez.

In the pic below, you see a closeup of the white plastic broken heater bracket. The black bushing with the wire going inside is supposed to be secured by this bracket. Mechanic Carlos improvised securing by using a plastic tie!
Broken heater bracket.

5PM - Back at the Little River in Aticama.
Yes!! We are back at our Little River Camp in the Pueblo of Aticama. And, as soon as this post is published, I am going to take a heavenly bath in the that Little River. With its waters so clear. Not to cold. Not too warm. Just perfect water!


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