Friday, February 13, 2009

The MsTioga Miracle!
Should miracles be taken for granted, and turned into common things?

This question is not rhetorical for me, but goes to the very core of my being. My grip on the reality of existence. And thus, whether I marvel at my life, filled with happiness at what gifts I've received. Or become consumed with things such as, trash on the beach.

MsTioga's Miracles!
  • At the bush of a button, Mr. Datastorm rises, finds his satellite space station, and does this automatically!
  • Sunlight falls on Mr. Sunny's solar panels, creating electric power to re-charge our solar battery bank.
  • Wheels! MsTioga has wheels! Double Wow with sugar on it.
  • When I click "Publish Post", my blog writing whizzes off into space and in a fraction of a second may be on your computer screen. Man-O-Man!
  • Mr. Dometic has a fridge/freezer filled with wonderful foods kept cold or frozen!
  • The XM Radio brings in music from space to entertain me. And its antenna is only 1" wide!
Are you able to think of any MsTioga miracles that I've missed? Hmmmmm?

Jorge marvels at the miracle of MsTioga!


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