Saturday, February 14, 2009

MsTioga wants you to be her Valentine!

Baby Boid with us for one year!
One year ago on Valentine's Day, Little Mavicito took his first pic of Baby Boid and we introduced you to our newest Team Member. Little did we know back then, what a sweet guy Boid was to become. And what a giant brain he had!

Boid learned a ton of words and phrases. From "Good Morning!" to "I love you!" Here is a [link]
to that day, one year ago.

Motorized Para-Sail crashes!
A few days ago, Little Mavicito took a pic showing you a motorized para-sail taking off from Matanchen Beach. The owner of this sail-plane is Jeff, a Canadian who loves to fly para-sails.

This morning Jeff attempted to take-off from the beach. He only needed a few more steps to reach take-off speed. However, when he ran out of his beach runway and into the Ocean, his para-sail plane fell back into the water.

Jeff was not hurt. His plane suffered a broken propeller and punctured gas tank. Thankfully, Jeff carries an extra prop and replaced the gas tank with a gas can.
Jeff holding his busted prop!


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