Sunday, February 01, 2009

The MsTiogaRV lifestyle.
You may have read in yesterday's blog post what happened to cause me to become an RVer. I never had the guts to put all my $dough$ into an RV and fix it up with all the extras. Getting cancer gave me the edge. Being two weeks from being dead gave me courage. Cancer was just about the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. I had nothing to lose anymore! I was free!!

MsTioga cost $18,000. All of the other stuff [Mr. Datastorm, Mr. Levelers, Mr. Sunny, a new Mr. Dometic and a ton of little things] cost $30,000 more.

Readers emailed wanting to know how I came up with the MsTioga lifestyle:
  • Never pay rent
  • Don't stay in RV campgrounds
  • Explore by wandering around - don't plan
It was really easy to come with the lifestyle! On the day that MsTioga arrived at my apartment in Concord, California, my income was about $1,000/month. The apartment rent was also about $1,000/month. Financially, my course was crystal clear. Living in MsTioga would reduce my expenses and maybe allow me to live within my income.

The "wandering around" part came about because I learned by my experience, that more great places could be found by wandering than by planning. I'll tell you a secret thing that I do. When I come to a new town, I try "letting-go" and feeling my way instead of using conscious thought. Time and time-again, I arrive at the perfect place!

Remember that at that time in 2003, I did not know how much time I had left of this life of mine. When I was in my cancer support group, I promised myself that when I beat this cancer, I would rush at life! I would not be afraid anymore. I'd have faith in myself and my future and never look back!

I recall on one of my 2003 shake-down trips I tried something new for me. It seemed to me that I should be able to be completely happy anywhere that I camped. But often I wasn't. This caused me to search for a perfect camp. Perhaps next to a river or on an ocean beach. I would drive long distances searching for this perfect camp.

On this 2003 shake-down trip I determined to make camp in a vacant lot filled with weeds. There was absolutely nothing special about this camp. An ordinary street and a lot with nothing but weeds. However, when I started exploring this lot/camp, I found tiny flowers growing. Maybe only a 1/4" diameter flowers, but they were beautiful. Mr. Mavica [my camera back then] took pics of these flowers. I was soooooo happy to find these flowers!

In the Paul Newman movie, "The Verdict", he says:
"In my religion it is said, if you would have faith, act as if you have faith. And faith will be given to you."

In that vacant lot, I acted as if I were happy, and happiness was given to me! A miracle!


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