Sunday, February 08, 2009

Passing of Pussle.
Yesterday I received an email from David, my son. Here is what he wrote:

With a heavy heart I write to you of the passing of Pussle the cat. When I returned from a business trip yesterday the Pussle was having trouble breathing. X-rays showed a golf ball sized tumor above his right lung, fluid surrounding his lungs, and an enlarged liver. It appeared that the tumor was pushing his lungs down into the fluid, resulting in a kind of inside out pneumonia. It was time for him to move on to the next Pussley life, and he purred to the very end.

I can’t remember having a better animal friend than Pussle. We had been together for about 18 years – since he was a kitten. Some of my fondest memories of Pussle are the cat hugs he gave in the last half of his life, wrapping his paws around my neck when I picked him up, and of being awakened by the soft touch of his paw as he sat on the bed by my head in the morning. Pussle was a master of the soft paw. I will miss him forever.
Pussle and David

Note about Pussle: When MsTioga and I visited with son David, Pussle always treated me great. He would climb on to my lap and give me love. Pussle made me feel like a special person.

Do we ever let them go completely?
Many people I loved are gone. Family and friends. Mom & Dad. Somehow thru all of this passing on, they are more and more alive to me as time goes by.

I have a photo of my Mom that I love. I took this photo of her. When I look at this photo, it makes me happy. Because at the moment the photo was taken, my Mom was looking at me and I am looking back at her thru the camera! Wow!

Just a tiny photo that keeps me close to my Mom.
My Mom in December, 1989

Nite Camp location