Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reader Don is wondering!
In the ShoutBox, Reader Don wondered if MsTioga and The Team were giving up being vagabonds! Can you imagine such a thing? Hmmmmm?

We have published about what we are planning to do in "2009 Trip Plan" [link]. However, you don't need an invitation to look at our Trip Plans. Tuning into our Home Page will provide you with a link to the four major sections of MsTioga's website! Including the 2009 Trip Plan. There is a Home Page link at the bottom of nearly every one of our web pages. Check it out at the bottom of our Blog!

How about a blast from the past?
Did you know that on February 25th of this month, MsTioga and The Team will begin their 7th year of vagabonding adventures? Wow! We have done so many things and visited some fantastic places!

For example, on April 23, 2006, we entered the great State of Utah for the very first time. Little did we know on this day, what a wonderful place is the State of Utah! We began this adventure in the southwest part of of the state in St. George, Utah.

Want to take a peek? Click [here] to go back in time to our 2006 trip across Utah and its fantastic parks.

When you are with us in Utah, just keep on clicking our "Tomorrow" buttons and go across Utah with MsTioga!

4PM - MsTioga gets an oil change.
MsTioga has been keeping us on the alert to find a place to change her oil. A couple of days ago we found a small shop with a sign, "Cambio Aceite" [Change Oil]. Arturo owns this shop and I made an appointment with him to return this afternoon for a filter and oil change.

Although MsTioga has only traveled about 1,500 miles since her last change, it has been almost four months since then. MsTioga doesn't like dirty oil, and her oil is dirty now.

We had the filter and (5) liters of oil on board MsTioga. So, we only had to buy (1) liter of oil from Arturo. The cost was $40 pesos labor and $45 pesos for (1) liter of oil. Labor is cheap in Mexico, but oil is expensive.


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