Monday, February 02, 2009

Saving $money$ feels good!
Over the past several months, the TiogaRV Team has been able to live on much less than our income. We are sooooooo happy about that!

The month of January, 2009 is the same, as you may see by looking at our expense report [Link]. We benefited from increased advertising revenues in Google AdSense likely brought about by sellers promoting for the Christmas season.

Left blog column.
Our blog has two items that may interest. One is an ad for "Geeks On Tour". If you have not clicked on this ad, you should. I find something useful and interesting in every edition of The Geeks newsletter.

The other is a poll asking RVers about going to Mexico. This poll surprised us on The Team!

4PM - Holiday in Mexico!

Today is a federal holiday in Mexico called Candelaria [link]. Usually Mondays are very quiet on the beach. However, today hundreds of people have driven from the City of Tepic and other towns, to picnic on the Beach of Matanchen. What lucky people they are to be here!

And MsTioga and The Team are lucky too. Because we get to picnic on the beach every day. Yes! For The Team, everyday is a holiday!
View from MsTioga's window.


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